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We are working with big companies & helping them define big ideas visions,
to turn there product and services out of this world by delivering outstanding cx

Parachute Online
Retail shop

Rethinking the basics of bedding. Parachute is an online retailer that offers premium quality
bedding at an accessible price. We worked with Parachute to re-imagine their e-commerce
experience and to build a content platform to establish their expertise in sleep experience.

Wrigley Rooftops Elevating Sports Ticketing

After purchasing several new properties, Wrigley Roottops looking for a cohesive marketing and ticketing experience. We delivered complete user experience services and illustration to secure payment processing.

Making the platform for America’s deals

The USA Exchange is looking to bring great deals to American cities and business owners a like. They have masterminded a platform that helps cities connect with their communities and business owners make more deals than ever before.

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Get our UI/UX services at a reasonable price

$50NZD – $120NZD

   Per Hour


UXPillow innovation lab is agile friendly, Do not become the prisoner of a fixed contract or jeopardy facing delays due to prolonged contract reviews if changes to the Project or UX/UI design process are required.

Pay as you go

Our costs are straight related to the UX/UI services brought by our UX agency, instead of overall theoretical calculations which, in our experience, hardly relate to certainty. 


Your bills will be based on consistent reports of what we have Designed on the foregoing period, with period and User experience design assignments clearly explained. UXPillow design agency uses a reasonable price policy without hidden fees or additional charges.

How can uxpillow
help you?

Hire the Best UX team as a part of your in-house design

You will get all of the essential UX/UI design work from skilled design experts working as a part of your product players. Day-to-day check-ups, hourly reports, cloud-based interfaces — you have full “journey control” of UX/UI services provided by UXPillow design workspace for your panel design. Even if you have a UI designer, that person usually can’t give the required attention to UX services because of everyday overwork. As your outsourced revolutionary lab, our UX/UI design Agency Auckland can provide UX research, UX strategy, and “design thinking” to make your digital panel design startup frictionless. UXPillow also could deliver cutting-edge user interface based on your digital panel design guidelines. Our UX/UI designers and architects are not only serving to user experience design, but also driving your existing team to adopt the best practice of a user-centered Method. Our obligation to long-term collaboration ensures you will get the deliverables you required in the way that works best for your services success.

Complete, custom-made User Experience design from scratch

UXPillow brings UI (user interface) solutions based entirely on the client business model and aim customer needs. To do so, our UX TEAM and UX/UI designers conduct user research, business study and a service audit of existing digital design. The resulting insights about the CX (customer experience) are incorporated into the UX strategy, finally producing the best possible technology UX. Going through those steps along with UXPillow design workshop enables your team to expand competence in design thinking and UX Design, then ensuring further in-house product development from the user’s perspective. As a result of our user experience design agency services, you will get a clickable (UI) User Interface prototype and digital design assets that your developers can implement with your backend.

User Interface design based on your wireframes and IA

If you have already created a UX(User Experience) strategy, created wireframes and Information Architecture, UXPillow can deliver a cutting-edge UI/UX design based on that groundwork. UXPillow design agency can also adopt your AI (Informational Architecture) and layouts to a variety of platforms (web, tablet, mobile, wearable). Together with our UI/UX designer work, you will also get advantage from our UX design agency expertise. In the process, our UX consultancies and designers will deeply examine your project and suggest UX and usability improvements to implement design thinking.

Scale your service with support of UX/UI design

We are dedicated to long-term cooperation. In distinction to other firms, our work does not end when the first visual UI (user interface) version is supplied. By performing continuous user testing and gathering feedback, UXPillow revolutionary lab gains UX design enhancement insights. As your outsourced team of UX/UI designers & consultants, we are always staying tuned and bringing service changes your Product technology needs for optimization or scaling. Our Creative UX Design Agency is ready to help in full, whether you are ready to entirely reinvent your services interface to ensure the best possible UX (user experience) for your customers, or whether you would prefer to start with a smaller service improvement project. As one of the best UX design firms, we ensure digital and Creative design solutions worldwide. Our UX design portfolio includes Enterprise services operating in Bangkok, Chiang mai, London, Manchester, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton etc.

Consultations and third-party UX expertise

Some of UXPillow’s clients already work with other UX/CX (user experience/customer experience) design firms which include CX/UX architect, User Journey mapping and UI/UX designer(s). These clients hire UXPillow to obtain an independent third-party opinion. Hiring our Creative user experience agency as your UX consultant allows you to get a substitute point of view, as you work to achieve the best possible UX & User-centered Design strategy and solutions. Hiring UXPillow design studio as your autonomous UX consulting experts can also be a good way to open new product opportunities through UX services and implement latest digital trends. So, if you want to try us, you can start with a current product or digital design audit, UX design testing, and user experience consultancy and many other Fields of UX. If the results are useful for you, our UX agency would be happy to intensify collaboration.

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