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Our services include UX/UI and Development for Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Websites, SaaS, Enterprise Apps. We do it all.

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Our Design And Development services

UX-Pillow builds vibrant and game-changing products for Enterprise corporations, top funded startups and growth-stage companies in Silicon Valley, Auckland, New York, Bangkok, and London. We leverage your existing stack or analyze and recommend the best approach and solution for your needs.


From User-Flows, Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wireframes and Prototypes to polished slick end-products, we craft high-touch digital experiences that engage through our human-centered UX/UI approach.


We specialize in experience-driven native apps for iOS and Android, coding in Swift, Objective-C, Java or Kotlin, as well as hybrid-platform frameworks such as React Native.


From infrastructure to HTML, we develop data-driven Full-Stack applications using React JS, Node JS, Go Lang and Ruby on Rails, among others.

Recent Project.

From Concept To Launch - End to End Service Design
UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About: Lugg is fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your apartment move, to pick up that new sofa purchased on Craigslist LetGo Offer up, or new stuff delivered from stores like West Elm, HomeGoods, Best Buy, Target, and IKEA.

Challenge: The main goal was to replace the traditional movers with the professional vetted movers. We had to create an app that can provide craigslist pickup and delivery, donation pickup and delivery at any desired location.

Results: We designed an intuitive and easy to use interface that let picking and delivering customers’ furniture to their desired place at any time anywhere.

Redesign Customer Experience
UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About: KAYAK is a platform where user can search hundreds of travel sites so you don’t have to. Book the perfect flight, hotel or rental car.

Challenge: The aim of the redesign was to create a more universal and comprehensive consumer experience across all Kayak platforms for which we broke the applications down to its core features.

Results: We helped their users cut-through all the information easily by comparing prices and deals. We introduced a simple layout with a user-friendly environment.

What Clients Said About us.

“We had the pleasure of working with UX-Pillow on one of our highest priority projects. They were able to quickly familiarize themselves with the challenges at hand and produced conceptual UX designs that not only met the demands but even exceeded expectations. UX-Pillow has been a great co-creator with both positive attitude and openness for feedback, as well as able to get the job done on time.”


“It is very easy to deal with UX-Pillow because they are friendly, adaptable and always on top what they deliver, one can easily approach them. Management was excellent and very engaged in regular communication. We were very happy because we got everything we looked for.”

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3 ways to work with us

Most of our clients take advantage of the monthly design subscription. However, many of them initially came to us with a very specific need. So it’s not uncommon for us to begin our relationship with a clearly defined project or workshop.

Design Subscription

The best fit if you are growing fast and have many needs. Plug us in as your internal UX team and we’ll help prioritize your monthly product and marketing goals on a basis and use our Design Method to meet those goals.

Project Based

If you have a single mission to accomplish with a specific deadline to meet, starting with a project may work best for you. Each project runs through each stage of our Design Method.

Workshop and Training

Our workshops aim to teach businesses to think, work, and design like we do. They focus on each aspect of our Design Method from UX audits and customer experience mapping to idea validation and product strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is User Experience (UX )Design?

Today the regular user has to interact with a huge amount of data and services on the Internet. Understanding and managing such a rich and differentiated digital UX (user experience) is a significant challenge.

To ensure simple and clear digital solutions for users, our UX design firm delivers understanding based UX (user experience design). Instead of traditional design approaches that are based on UI (User interface) designer inspiration, UX design takes into account user behavior and cognitive psychology including personas, scenarios, intentions, needs, and habits.

Before initiating a digital design, UX-Pillow conducts a variety of original study and tests to step into "customers' shoes". As UX/UI designers we go even further in our design thinking. We trust that in today’s market, UX based web design is the best way to convert visitors into loyal clients.

That is why our UX (user experience) design firm created holistic UX design step-by-step methodology, which is ambitious by business needs, identity, and positioning; user behavior, emotions, and cognitions; product functions, service design, and content.

As User Experience design is only a part of a larger user journey called Customer Experience (CX), our UX (user experience) designer also takes into account offline factors that affect customer behavior when using digital solutions.

Doing so allows our UX counselors and UI designers to architect not just pleasing user experience, but the best software or system design. User experience is also about user interface design; UX design also includes marketing, business consulting, research, testing, psychology, system analysis, and strategy.

UX-Pillow can provide CX(Customer Experience) & UX Strategist, UX Architect, UX Consultant, IA(Information Architect) Specialist, Web UI/UX Designer, Mobile UI/UX Designer, User Experience Expert, Interaction Designer, Usability Researcher, UX Analyst, Product Manager services.

What Is User Interface (UI )Design?

Basically, User Interface (UI) is the visual part on your desktop or mobile screen that Enables you to interact with a computer or software. UI determines how your commands are given to the computer or the application and how info is displayed on the screen.

Usually, UI design includes different menus, forms, and icons, but for programmers, all of this can be textual…that means that the software developer can’t properly complete the UI designer work. Either way, to ensure a pleasant UX (user experience), UI must be intuitively understandable, simple and based on design thinking.

To achieve that, our UX(user experience) consultants and UI(user interface) designers work as a part of your team, to execute UX services including research, architecting, web design, mobile app design, tablet design, wearable design, and testing.

UX user interface is one of the most important parts of any software or application. If a UX architect and UI/UX designer did a great job, the customer will easily be able to not only use the app but also enjoy pleasant CX customer experience.

Do You Provide a Usability Test?

Our solutions include two stages of usability testing: wireframe prototyping and beta testing. Though, if you’re unhappy with your existing digital solution sales performance, our UX-Pillow design firm offers a full suite of UX methodology and expertise.

Our UX (user experience) design company will work with you to ensure a service design solution that includes everything you need to deliver the best user experience for your customers.

Our UX firm does usability testing, you will be sure whether your website or mobile application is user-friendly and easy to use. Usability engineering helps our clients discover opportunities to grow their business.

From 200 usability elements that could increase income, it is frequently difficult for our clients to understand how much they have missed on their current service design without enlisting the help of a UX designer.

Do you implement interaction design into Graphical User Interface Design (GUI)?

First of all, let’s clarify what interaction design is. Wikipedia tells us that it’s “about shaping digital things for people’s use”, alternately defined as “the practice of designing interactive digital Product, atmospheres, systems, and services.” So, the main focus is on user behavior with an aim to create a goal-oriented digital design that satisfies the needs and desires of the people who will interact with a product or service.

Before starting to create any Graphical User Interface (GUI), our UX Design team conducts diverse business, user behavior, and product research. After all data collection and examination is complete, we create a Customer Journey Map, which unites hundreds of different CX customer experience and user experience puzzles and paths into one clear picture.

This gives us general customer experience insights about AI (information architecture), and the interaction design our UX designer must implement into an exact digital design solution.

As you can see, user-centered design for product & services. For us, user-centered design is the result of a demanding, customer-experience driven and comprehensive interface design procedure. Only in this way we can be sure that UX-Pillow develops GUI design that will bring interaction design is a «must have» for any user-centered UX designer.

Can you develop a Mobile App UI/UX Design?

Mobile application architecting requires very specific goals and a clear UX design strategy. Complications for UX design start when we have to insert huge system software functionality into a very compact mobile UI/UX design.

The research findings are clear: users are spoiled and they don’t spend time on complex things. If a user cannot understand an app within a few seconds, they never use it. Making the perfect Digital design UX/UI is especially important for systems software or disrupting development with a lot of important functions.

Most users are not experts – it is easy to confuse them. So, the main aim of Digital UX design innovation lab is to use design thinking and solve it. Digital application UX design needs to lead the user through the best services whenever they require one. And it all has to happen naturally, innately, even if it is the first time of using an app in their customer experience.

Our UI/UX architecting methods provide all the necessary tools to reach goals and satisfy users with a pleasant mobile app UX design. You can find the latest digital design trends in our Portfolios page.

So, it is compulsory to conduct in-depth research to comprehend business and user needs for prioritizing key smartphone app functions and make them extremely simple to find and use, through brilliance in UX design. This is what customers want from any mobile app UI/UX, and this is what we believe we have mastered in our design firm!