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Build engaging Android App experience to innovate the lives of your users’.

Your New Android app is going to compete with over 2.96 million others for the attention of your target audience. That said, you can safely assume that your app will run you six figures.

As the transfer from browsing the Internet on Desktops and laptops to smartphones has been fairly quick where Mobile Apps are generating surprising amount of revenues. And being a business Owner, you obviously want your business to grow and since then you have decided that you want to have a mobile app but still unsure that Android app is the one that can take your business to new height. This is the right place for you...

You know how smartphone penetration is growing and in this growing world and Android devices have acquired a dominant amount of market share. With that more and more businesses are generating a huge amounts of revenues. Whether the business is small or medium-sized, there are many success stories who are generating millions of dollars in revenue.

For generating this much amount, you really need a plan —plan includes idea validation, the team who will build it even where your money is secure and a great UX/UI Design and Development process. So, you really need to make sure that when bring your idea into reality, you follow this plan.

It totally depends on you because upcoming years will change the mobile world and having an app can be the best bet for your business.

No matter what you need from your Android experience, we'll guide you towards the most appropriate solution. As Unlike redesign, when building a new Android app, you don't have a starting point of reference. Since there's no existing layout, content, or visuals to improve upon, there's more upfront work required to reach the same outcome.

We'll put additional time and effort into the upfront strategy phase to make sure we have a solid execution plan in place depending on your exact needs.

We'll guide you towards the most appropriate solution and masterfully apply our 5-STEP UX/UI DESIGN PROCESS and 4-STEP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS.

Here are some clients we've worked with on Android:

Looking for Android Application Design & Development Agency?

Whether you're bringing a new mobile application to market or redesigning the mobile application needs it to be professionally designed, we'll make sure it's done right — the first time.

We are a team of designers, strategists, and developers who are constantly studying human behavior and the latest design trends for crafting better experiences that keep users coming back and leaves a lasting impression on them.

We help brands to turn their outdated app design into modern, user-friendly experiences from scratch.
We are fully aligned with Google’s mission and deeply understands the Google’s guidelines for using Material Design to create robust and fluid app experience that radiate power and simplicity.

The 3 Fundamental Principles of Material Design

Google prospered Material Design to gratify a diverse set of human needs as it relates to the digital experience. Into all Google projects, the core principles are injected and reflect in the app experiences we design for Android.

According to Google, great Android app starts with the user and we completely agree with this. Thus, we start our app design cycle with a thorough planning process that gives us the knowledge and direction to create apps that are more than just pretty pixels – 5 STEP UX/UI DESIGN PROCESS. Following this, our Android app designs have received almost exclusively 5- and 4-star reviews and thousands of downloads from Google Play.

How We Design Android Apps That Leave A Lasting Impression

A successful new Android app design starts with a deep understanding of the target audience along with understanding what features and experiences will keep them coming back. We achieve this with our 5- STEP UX/UI DESIGN PROCESS:

01 Step: Understand & Discover

From understanding your business to understanding your user for designing a new Android Mobile App, not only we dig deep through your business in our stakeholder's meeting, Business Canvas Model but also understand your user's problems along with identifying your industry competition and align them with your business’s mission and goal.

02 Step: Research & Explore

Next, we jump into researching your targeted users to validate plans and uncover hidden opportunities by conducting user interviews, focus groups and surveys for your mobile app. This step serves as the foundation for the success of your app because the insights are discovered and unearth in research.

03 Step: Analyze & Define

To analyze those insights, we walk into the user’s shoes by creating Empathy Map to gather data like what the user Says, Thinks, Does, and Feels. Then create the profiles of targeted user in User Personas and proceeds towards creating customer journey map for understanding of what they are experiencing when they will interact with your App. This result in forming a basic Android app strategy to ensure that users’ needs are fully met.

04 Step: Design and Craft

Once the user experience (UX) design strategy is made for your new Android App, we start to create the user flow and plan an experience that converts with action-driven solutions which includes the building of information Architecture, Wireframes and UI design resulting in a pixel-perfect User interface (UI) screens, organized into a carefully crafted design system. We make sure to design the Android apps human-centered that delights users and hooks them.

05 Step: Usability Testing

To see how happy your user are with your new Android App, we endorse testing to reduce assumptions and validate early on in the project to save money and time before writing any code. If you wait until launch to get important insights from your users, you'll miss the opportunity to amaze them.

Thus, we perform Usability Testing where we observe your target audience using your Android App or the program, and the deliverable i.e., Tested Clickable Prototype is passed to the development team for coding. This is a great opportunity to see if the app adequately addresses their needs.

How We Develop Android Apps That Stand Out

Our approach to develop a New Android app is determined by your goals and an in-depth planning process called the 5- STEP UX/UI DESIGN PROCESS while allowing us to better understand your users, your business and your vision.

So, the 4-STEP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS starts, once the deliverable of 5-STEP UX/UI DESIGN PROCESS is passed to the development team where it will be coded.

01 Step: Pure Code & Development

To make your Android app user experience (UX) delightful and stunning, we take care of the development stage right from the start. Our developers’ use Java and Kotlin to make the attributes stand out along with turning the usability to its max. By reducing the app’s response lag, eliminating data redundancy, optimizing memory allocation and implementing high-end data encryption- the result you get is a stunning mobile app experience.

02 Step: Testing and Assurance

To make sure that there are no bugs or gaps in your Android app, all code goes through a final test before deployment and launch i.e. from internal testing to security testing, Beta launch, and User Acceptance Testing. Doing this makes the android app less complex considering the issue that might come in security, compatibility, and performance for the project.

03 Step: Deployment & Launch

After the Testing & QA phase is over and no bugs or errors are left, the time has come when we deliver the Android App to you. As you give us the green light to go ahead with the final app for submission, we submit the app to Google Play Store for approval. We make sure that the Android app is properly configured for release, several forms for Google Play store are filled out, screenshots and marketing materials are submitted, and description is written.

04 Step: Maintenance & Support

To say, the Maintenance and Support phase is the last phase but actually, it is just “the end of the beginning.” Because the Android app is released and real customers are already using it. Our goal of Maintenance is to support those customers and to ensure that your app is working as expected in the long run. Any necessary enhancements, corrections, and changes required are made to make sure the app continues to work, and stay updated to meet the business goals.

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Questions Frequently asked by our clients, The clients we work with, have the best experiences. And We take pride in making our clients' lives as easy as possible during the project.

Which is better, a mobile website or native mobile app?

If your goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people, then a mobile website is probably the way to go. However, if you want to better engage, interact with, and communicate with your customers to drive customer loyalty, a mobile app is an excellent choice.

Can you code a mobile website or mobile web application?

Yes! We excel at designing and coding websites. Since a mobile web app is just a smaller, mobile-optimized version of a desktop website, we’ll have no trouble coding our designs.

Do you also design iOS apps?

Yes! iPhone and Android apps share extremely similar interface elements. There are also developing methods that allow us to build it once and publish it to the iOS and Google Play stores with relative ease.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is a visual rulebook of graphic standards that will help keep your interface looking great, even as you add new features in the future. We’ll put the power in your hands to help you update and extend the look and feel of your app as your business grows.

What is a development consulting?

All too often, your beautifully designed screens will end up looking sloppy and unrefined after being coded by the development team. Development consulting means that we’ll communicate intelligently with your development team to make sure our designs are implemented perfectly both in form and function.

Do you offer ongoing support or maintenance?

We offer a short period of support from the day your app launches to fix errors, bugs, site crashes, etc. However, any additional features, updates, or revisions outside our agreement will be treated as a new project subject to new pricing and timeline.

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