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Service Overview

Your product, platform, tool, or system is fundamental to the success of your business. Whether it’s an internal software tool that empowers your employees to do their job effectively or the platform your users engage with on a daily basis, your product can help your business grow toward success or decline into failure.

That’s why these types of products require custom design and development — to guarantee the best possible experience for your users and to help you reach your business goals.

A strategically designed product can save your employees hours of time each week by making tasks more efficient, help your platform grow by engaging more users, or simplify tasks that make the users work easier and more intuitive.

If your business relies on a custom product, you’ll need a carefully planned and strategically designed solution to help meet your business goals.

Project Types

Redesign an Internal Product

You’ve built an internal tool for your business that needs to be improved.

Redesign an External Product

You’ve built a software service or user platform that you sell to consumers.

Bring a New Product to Market

You’ve built a software service or user platform that you sell to consumers.

Looking for a Custom Software Design & Development Agency?

Whether you're bringing a new digital product to market or Redesigning an Internal or External Product that needs to be done professionally, we'll make sure it's done right — the first time.

1. Redesign an Internal Product

Redesigning an internal tool or proprietary web software has its own unique challenges and risks. You likely have an in-house development team who will need to roll out the new design through multiple phases. Your key goals are likely to optimize human workflows, save users time, and make your internal processes more efficient.

We'll work with you to understand the needs of your staff and what inefficiencies a new design can solve for your team. A unique benefit of redesigning an internal product is that the timeline is typically more flexible and we'll have direct access to user feedback and testing opportunities.

It's not uncommon for internal development teams to be pressed for time. We're able to code the front-end development (HTML/CSS) of designs to 1) make sure that our designs are coded to the visual specifications and 2) save your developers time by only requiring them to hook up our front-end code with their back-end code.

If you have an internal product that needs to be redesigned, we'd love to hear about your project!

Key Objectives

Save users time
Optimize human workflows
Reduce errors and inefficiencies

Quick Estimate

$15,000 - $40,000
2-4 months
Fixed Price

Project Options

Design Only
Design + Front-End
Design + Full Development

2. Redesign an External Product

Redesigning an external (consumer-facing) product is similar to redesigning an internal one, but with the added challenges of user acquisition, retention, and conversion. Additionally, branding, marketing, and advertising may come into play depending on your business and the overall needs of the project.

We'll work with you to understand the needs of your users and strategically plan how to roll out a new design that will meet your key business objectives. As with other digital products, we can code our designs to save your development team time and make sure the designs are coded perfectly in HTML/CSS.

With external product redesigns, it's common to also redesign the website that markets your product to potential customers. It's important that the marketing website looks and feels just as good as the product itself.

If you have a consumer-facing or SaaS product that needs to be redesigned, we'd love to hear about your project!

Key Objectives

Drive signups & acquire users
Increase user engagement
Increase retention & lifetime value

Quick Estimate

$15,000 - $65,000
3-6 Months
Fixed price

Project Options

Design Only
Design + Front-End
Design + Full Development

3. Bring a New Product to Market

We know that the road to bringing a new product to market is long, risky, and expensive. Your product will need a name, branding, design, development, marketing website, and launch strategy just to get to the first release on day one.

From there, you’ll need to ship product updates and have a plan for ongoing support and maintenance. That’s why it’s imperative that the right team gets your project gets done right the first time.

Our process minimizes your risk and makes the most of your budget. We’ll work with your business to form a customized strategy for bringing your new product to market on time and on budget. We only take on projects we truly believe in to maximize your chances of success.

Key Objectives

Establish product-market fit
User acquisition and retention
Create new business revenue

Quick Estimate

$50,000 - $150,000
6-12+ months
Fixed Price

Project Options

Design Only
Design + Front-End
Design + Full Development

Frequently Asked Questions

The clients we work with have the best experiences. We pride ourselves in making your life as easy as possible during the project.

How are you defining a “product”?

A product can be internal proprietary software, a public-facing platform, a private user portal with dashboards and analytics, a tool for your constituents, or anything in between. You might sell your product to others or use it internally to help your business function. If it’s a proprietary solution your business has created, it probably falls into the “product” category.

Aren’t mobile apps considered products?

Yes, but we have a special page dedicated to native apps and mobile websites. The types of projects we're describing above are more complex web-based software or tools that involve more than just a mobile app experience.

Do you do redesigns as well?

Yes! We actually love redesigning old products. If your product is outdated and in need of an overhaul, please review the details above and contact us about your project!

What’s the benefit of having you code your designs?

Development teams have a reputation for missing important design details. We write excellent front-end code, but even more importantly this step ensures that our designs are implemented perfectly. It also gives your development team a head start by having them focus on the back-end architecture while we code the front-end.

Do you offer ongoing support or maintenance?

We offer a short period of support from the day your product launches to fix errors, bugs, crashes, etc. However, any additional features, updates, or revisions outside our agreement will be treated as a new project subject to a new pricing and timeline.

What if I don’t need a full redesign?

Complete products redesigns aren’t always necessary. Sometimes you’ll just need a new module created or you’ll want to roll out a new design in phases for budget and development reasons. If you need strategic guidance on how to improve your existing product, we offer website audits and strategy workshops at an affordable price. We'd love to hear about your project!

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Whether you're bringing a new product to market or redesigning enterprise software, we'll make sure it's done right — the first time.

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