BetterME-Weight Loss Plan

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Weight Loss Workouts

Workout Training And Diet Plan

BetterMe helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives by building and modifying your meal and workout plans. BetterMe lets you have the expertise of fitness and diet specialists in the palm of your hand without ever having to hit the gym.


UI/UX & Mobile App Design Development

Create User Personas, Qualitative And Quantitative Research, User journey mapping, Flow, Information architecture, Wireframe design sprints, UI Design, Clickable prototype, and Usability testing, Android, and iOS App Development.


6 Months


Health And Fitness


$30,000 to $80,000


100+ Screens

The Research

We started the project with the Discovery phase where the requirements and user needs were discovered. We performed qualitative and quantitative research by identified the user personas in we focused on theuser’s behaviors, needs,wants, and there motivations. We not only conducted interviews but also workshops with the key stakeholders and application users in order to draw the user journey.

The challenge

BetterMe requested us to design a personalized fitness helper app. They wanted the design for their app to be dynamic as well as intuitive. The app was aimed at helping people to find their workout plans to lose weight. The aspiration of the app was to become very instrumental in counting calorie intake, meal planning, controlling weight and making sure that the user exercise on a regular basis.

We had to design a mobile app that was easy to use while having a delightful interaction. Moreover, they wanted UI design to be appealing so that the app could catch users’ interest and make them engage.

Information architecture

After qualitative and quantitative research, we documented the existing information architecture’s pages, elements, and actions and then arranged them by hierarchy and created a workflow that made sense. Our exploration of information architecture helped us understand the breadth of the application.

Ideation and wireframing

We designed low-fidelity wireframes that focused more on interactions and user flows after creating the workflow. These wireframes helped show the client a visual guide for the application and most importantly, how the user will interact with it. We transformed the wireframes into a clickable prototype for testing. We involved our client in every step by taking the feedback and iterate accordingly.

Design, Test, And Repeat

After hammering out the functionality and flows in the wireframes, we applied the visual design. We designed a simplified UI because the goal was to create an intuitive interface with a user-friendly and user-centered design.

Once the UI Design was accomplished, it was tested by using the hands-on approach to determine its functionality. The Usability of finished UI was tested by our in-house testing team as a clickable UI prototype. We iterated the design until it reached the user’s satisfaction level.


We created a go-to pocket health consultant app with innovative features and an intuitive interface with a user-friendly environment from scratch. The app lets the user count their calories, control their weight and exercising regularly. The app helps a user to make their mind about the goals that they want to achieve. The app is compatible with HealthKit (for iOS users) and GoogleFit (for Android users).