The Challenge

Capsule wanted us to reinvent customer relationship management system and be the standard for years. Our goal was to completely reimagine and redesign the application that gives the view of the whole business. This was a big transformation and we needed to figure out a way to move existing users without too much friction. As we know from experience that users are against change, so we interviewed existing users to understand their current workflow and identified all the pain points.


Capsule came to us to redesign their CRM with the vision that they wanted to stand out in the market, We had to split the applications down to its core features and flows. We identified the key tasks for each primary persona and created a scenario for it during the working sessions with our clients. Then we mapped out the scenario using unique colored post-its for each category. This helped us to identify the most valuable features, functionality, and content to the user and highlighted those areas where more research is required in the design process.

Ideation & Wireframing

Following the user scenario exercise, we identified 2-3 primary flows and started elaborating the concepts in Sketch (the design tool). This step of our process usually began during working sessions where we briskly illustrate an idea on the whiteboard to make theoretical concepts more tangible to the client. Then, to test our designs and flows, we imported our wireframes to InVision (the prototyping tool) and convert into clickable prototypes. To discuss user scenarios and brainstorm solutions, our team had daily internal stand-ups. After which, twice a week, we would present solutions to Capsule which helped us to stay on track and keep our client engaged throughout the process.

Design, Test, & Repeat

After the completion of first round of design, the next step was user testing. We put together a fully functional InVision prototype to conduct tests so that the user could complete all the main tasks in the application. We took users feedback to know what areas worked well and where we needed to readjust. We came across one of the problem areas and then classified the application. This product was very challenging because the existing CRM application had complex features and we have to make it simple so that new users could use it without requiring any extensive training. In simplifying the application, we buried many features for the existing advanced users for which we designed an advanced mode that users could turn on and the UI could show more tools by which we accommodated the existing users but with a simplified UI for new users.


Capsule CRM is a full-featured CRM which manages the customer relationship. We provided a unified cross-platform solution managing all your customers’ contacts and history, sharing of the files to relevant staff, categorizing all the contacts with searchable tags, easy filtering, add meetings to calendar and assign them to a staff member, and linking to your clients’ social media and follow the updates with the app.