The Challenge

Nobly came to us with a vision of creating a next-generation iPad based, easy-to-use point of sale system. They wanted us to create a blazing fast, intuitive iPad EPOS interface. The main challenge was to redesign their POS system for businesses that require more open and highly customizable experiences.

Information Architecture

We rendered the project in tight collaboration with our client through working sessions. These working sessions played an important role in defining the product goals and requirements. We defined large information architecture which helped us in making an efficient user experience.

Ideation & Wireframing

We designed wireframes for each of the main applications, focusing on interactions and user flows instead of visual design. Then, for testing, we convert our wireframes into clickable prototypes. In return, we were able to take the feedback and iterate quickly, focusing purely on interactions and process flows. We involved our client with every step in order to move quickly by scheduling weekly presentations with our client.

Design, Test and Repeat

For user testing, we put together a fully functional prototype and asked the user for their feedback. We iterated the design until it reached the user’s satisfaction level. We designed a simplified UI with different customizable options because the goal was to create an intuitive interface with a user-friendly and user-centered design.


The result was a next-generation iPad EPOS system that allowed customers to set up their shop in minutes without expensive onboarding and support contracts. We designed an intuitive interface and easy to run reports where customers will spend less time trying to understand their business, and more time growing it. We integrated different payment processes at one place. We created a POS system that provided more open and highly customizable experience.