The USA Exchange is looking to bring great deals to American cities and business owners alike. They have masterminded a platform that helps cities connect with their communities and business owners make more deals than ever before. We help them in their digital efforts of designing, building and launching the first kind of its platform ever.

We are always looking to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. When we got the email from the Andy, the CEO and executive director of USAX, I was extremely honored to explore the possibilities with them. We tasked with the roadmap to success document and translating that into viable design tasks.

Opportunities for Growth is the game

A large portion of the USAX platform is to connect city business owners to a way where they can sell business opportunities and investments to their local communities. We created the user interface and user experience models from scratch. Working closely with the USAX team, we curated the best possible experiences while focusing on usability and beauty. Collaborative, we designed and iterated vital critical paths for the user from sign up to opportunity listings.

The Small details are important details

The project did not come with its lack of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles we had, we got so much relative content displayed to users in an elegant way that didn’t feel overwhelming. The interface had to feel clean, easy to navigate and most importantly easy to intake information. When providing users with so much information, it was vital for us to really think about the content architecture so that we were displayed what needed to be shown in the most beautiful ways.

Creating the mobile experience

The mobile experience was just as important as for as desktop experience. We created an exceptional user interface for the mobile user that displayed content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices. With over 30 different views, it was a difficult task to undertake but one that proved to be valuable with over 60% of USAX users mobilized.