Our services include UX/UI and Development for Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Websites, SaaS, Enterprise Softwares. We do it all.
We design digital product which people love to use!

Our Approach from user-flows, Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wireframes, and prototypes to polished slick end-products, We craft high-touch digital experiences that engage through our human-centered UX/UI approach. We specialized in experience-driven native apps for iOS and Android. From infrastructure to HTML, we develop data-driven Full-Stack applications.

360 Project Cycle Process

Leveraging Design thinking and Human-centered design principles to create experiences with an optimal intersection between user needs and business goals. Our team is made up of creative thinkers, strategists, designers, and developers, having an innovative approach to crafting digital experiences and developed to scale using the best engineering practices in Agile.


01 Step: Discover
Understand your business and users to uncover breakthrough insights

In order to know what to ideate on and explore, we need to understand who we’re designing for and why. Through research and deep understanding of both user and business needs, we look for insights and breakthroughs that help us identify what to focus on.

Our process & Milestones

Competitive and comparative analysis
Analytics review
Ecosystem mapping
Heuristic evaluation
User interviews and surveys
Persona development
Experience mapping
Service design blueprints

02 Step: Ideate
Explore insights to form and prioritize a strategic plan to impact objectives

The insights taken from discovery and research become our north star of ideation. We explore many ideas and strategies, ultimately narrowing down to a prioritized set of strategies that will have the most impact on our objectives.

Our process & Milestones

Experience design strategy
User / job stories
Flow charts, diagrams, and wireframes
Information architecture
Content strategy
Brand and design system development
Design technology consulting
On-site workshops

03 Step: Create
Implement the plan through digital and physical design / development solutions

Research and strategy come to life in the creation phase. This is because we materialize and craft testable solutions that aim to solve user friction and achieve business objectives.

Our process & Milestones

User interface design
Application design
Low / High Fidelity Prototyping
Illustrations, icons, and infographics
Living style guides (HTML / CSS)
Front-end engineering
API and systems integration

04 Step: Validate
Gather user feedback to test the effectiveness of the solutions and iterate

Testing our work is the most important measurement of success. Qualitative and quantitative testing leads to validation of our solutions or insights to drive further iteration and improvement.

Our process & Milestones

Prototype user testing
User surveys
A / B testing
Analytics review
Heatmapping and scrollmapping
Conversion rate measurement
ADA compliance

05 Step: Native Mobile & Web Full Stack Development
Turning your Product into real business

To develop Native mobile apps and full stack web apps that can provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability, we build a solid foundation and turn the product into a real business. We use the following technologies with a sheer focus on performance and clean code.

360 Project Cycle Process

Our process & Milestones


Angular 1.x, 2
Sencha Ext. JS jQuery
Kentico & Magento


Native iOS
Native Android


Crazy Egg
Google Analytics

Coding Frame work

Scala Node.js


Microsoft SQL
SQL Server


Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery
Test Automation

06 Step: Prepare to Launch
Assuring the quality to maintain bug-free product

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your launch is optimal and a significant win for all. We offer training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition for your team handoff and launch. Any digital offering runs the risk of failing unless tested. Our manual and automated software testing service and quality assurance for web and mobile help you launch and maintain 100% bug-free products.

Our process & Milestones

Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing

Ongoing: Project Maintenance & Growth

We provide support and Bug-Fixing as needed. Our maintenance services range from performance monitoring, QA, bug-fixing to development of new functionalities.

Design Subs-cription

The best fit if you are growing fast and have many needs. Plug us in as your internal UX team and we’ll help prioritize your monthly product and marketing goals on a basis and use our Design Method to meet those goals.


If you have a single mission to accomplish with a specific deadline to meet, starting with a project may work best for you. Each project runs through each stage of our Design Method.


Our workshops aim to teach businesses to think, work, and design like we do. They focus on each aspect of our Design Method from UX audits and customer experience mapping to idea validation and product strategy.

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