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User Experience Design

It is very challenging to design a website, Web app and mobile app with the user-friendly thoughts. We have the real professional experts who research deeply to design the product. After the complete study of the behavior, our professional identify real time problem and then find out the solution.

User Interface Design

Designing an application or a website is very complicated process when we compare it with putting colors and shapes together. Our UX professional properly combines the technology of mindset with amazing design and interest to details. The outcome is an identified and well-known product, and a tremendous design that simply works.

Design Consultancy

Our professional team provides the complete design consultancy to upgrade your currently running app and website. Our UX professional will improve the usability, overall flow, identify general drawbacks, and instruct your team by improving their processes and skills.

We work with multi-national enterprises through to garage startups. If you have an idea, a vision or a project, we can help.

Our Process

Business Essentials

In the first part of the research phase, it is important to look at specific business requirements that need to be met. While addressing this area, it’s important to question everything a business does to better understand who they are and what the business is trying to accomplish.

User Based Research

User behavior is then able to be researched through a number of different methods. The purpose of this is to understand their behaviors and preferences. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify the needs that your product meets for your users.

Service Audits

Lastly, as part of the research, a service audit is conducted to evaluate all services the company offers and what user needs it addresses. The goals which your users rely on your product to meet.

Journey Map

The first area of engineering is to use a “user journey map” as a tool to organize the data that was collected in the research part of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. It’s used for understanding and addressing customer needs and pain points.


The journey map is then able to be used to create an informed strategy for a service structuring content of the websites, web and mobile applications, and social media software.


Lastly, in the engineering part of the process, is the use of wireframes to help test the strategy for services to see if they provide a viable solution, define the heirachy of items on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should be based on user needs.

UI Designing

The first thing is to create a user interface design that can easily be interfaced with different platforms. The focus is to simplify the complex features into intuitive ui developed and maintained an evolving set of design patterns and style guidelines.

Usability Testing

Once this is accomplished, the user interface is able to be tested using hands on approach to determine its functionality is as expected. The Usability of a finished UI is tested by our in-house testing team as a clickable UI prototype, and also checked through a 100 service UI usability heuristics list.


When all the necessary corrections have been made, we prepare the omni-channel design source files, a clickable UI prototype, a screen flow and a UI kit as deliverables.

An average project lasts for 2-4 months and includes research, engineering, wireframing, and user interface design.UXpillow can provide CX & UX Strategist, UX Architect, UX Consultant, IA Specialist, Web UI Design, Mobile UI Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Usability Research, UX Analyst, Product Manage services with experience in digital Design…Also, UX Design Agency provides continuous design support for every client.

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